Smart Switch to replace Old X10 switch for pool pump

So I am curious if anyone has experimented with using smart home automation with pool equipment. I just bought a house with a Beautiful Oasis backyard with a lovely rock waterfall. The previous owners seemed to have jumped on the home automation band wagon 10+ years ago with the X10 Modules (sending FM signals in home circuits to trigger certain switches). But nowadays everything is Wifi and can be controlled by voice via a home assistant. So my question is this. Are there any 250vac Double Pole 20am smart switches i can use to replace the old X10 module switch.

Needs the 2 leads and 250vac 20amp for the pool pump that sends water to Waterfall.

I will Attach the info for the Pump itself and the info on the current “smart” switch(x10)

Google Photos

You mean like this?

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Not exactly. The current switch looks like a generic wall rocker switch. I was hoping just to replace that rather than wiring up new stuff and getting a hub for that.

Good luck with that. Most good quality mature home automation stuff is ZWave or Zigbee. Chances are you won’t find a heavy duty wifi switch.

By the way, this forum is for users of Samsung SmartThings and we generally expect you’re using the hub when answering questions…

Hmm well that solves it then. Ill look into getting z wave hub and system. Got more to learn.

This a good place to start?