Need 220V inline hard-wired timer for Spa

I just put in a hot tub. I saw on another forum a hot tub owner put his spa on a timer, so it would not come on during peak hours from his electric company. This strikes me as a great idea. However, I can’t locate a 220v Z-wave switch. It needs to be a hard-wired inline timer switch. Can anyone point me to a device for this project?

This device is for indoor and outdoor.

Aeon heavy duty switch.

THank you Ray, is this just an energy monitor ? not an actual ON/OFF switch, correct? Assuming this may be used for pool pumps, water falls, and dryers etc too? This has to be hard wired into the switch / box itself ? Sorry not an electrician but I have a few ideas for this.

This is a heavy duty z-wave on/off switch with energy monitor. You can have up to 40 Amps on your load. The wiring will be done inside a gangbox and the Aeon switch mounts outside the box due to the large size.
I would go with this clean install inside this nice enclosure which could be useful for your case.

Great, thank you for the link (diagrams are my cup of tea). - very helpful.

Totally forgot to mention another product by GE which comes with an enclosure box as well. I don’t use this device but seem positive on the review.

This looks great too. Choices - more than I even expected. Thanks again Ray.

Intermatic makes one too:

Looks like if you buy it directly from HomeSeer it’s cheaper:

Thanks for yet more choices :slight_smile:

Thank you all, for your responses. I purchased the GE/JASCO 12726 I see the diagram above, which suggests this should be installed BEFORE the GFCI Spa/Hot Tub Switch. The Spa has two 1 HP motors, a light, and a heater, all behind the 50 AMP GFCI. The 50 AMP GFCI was specified by the Spa manufacturer. However, 40 AMPS rating, was the highest Amperage device of this type. Therefore, I purchased the 40 AMP, in hopes it would work. Others commented on Amazon they had installed the 12726 for their Hot Tub, so I am hoping it will work for mine. This is rambling, so my two questions are:
1.) Does this device go before or after the GFCI Breaker switch, and 2.) Should I be concerned this is rated at 40 AMPS, and the GFCI breaker was specified at 50 AMPS. Thank you.