Apps not responding this morning

This morning, for about an hour, none of my apps triggered. I could stand in front of a motion sensor and see that motion was registering via the smartthings phone app, but nothing was getting triggered as a result.

All of my apps were still in my list, and I still had internet (the smartthings cloud was receiving and registering my sensor events and sending updates to my phone, all via my internet connection).

As I sat down to write this post, all the app actions caught up with old events from the last hour – lights started turning on with nobody in the room, etc.

Did anyone else experience issues this morning?

Yup, same problem for me. Also the site is unresponsive / loading slow and none of my triggers fired. Support isn’t online either. Very disappointing.

Network error on my android app… :frowning:

Nothing working here either :frowning:

Same here

:frowning: had to wait for coffee :frowning:

Ran the Android app an hour ago and haven’t gotten it to work since – just keeps freezing and crashing!

Yep, same problem! Heat heat didn’t come on at 6 as it usually does, though I was able to use the app to trigger the action.

I’ve been having issues the last I would guess 5 days. On the Dashboard, I set my outdoor lights to come on at Sunset and that has not been working at all. Support said to switch to a time instead of using Sunset due to some issues they are having. I did that and it still did not work. I have reached back out to them. Hopefully they can get a fix going sometime soon.

So, are there any moderators who read these forums who would care to comment on what happened? My lights were sluggish again tonight, too; even though I could see on my app that the motion sensor was detecting motion, it was at least a minute until my lights came on (long enough for me to do a little dance in the dark room, waving my arms all about, waiting, then pulling out my phone and unlocking it, opening smartthings, waiting for it to update…and then another 30s or so).

What’s up?

My lights were sluggish this morning and last night. One of my scheduled lights didn’t turn off this morning again.

Yep, noticed it was slow again this morning as well

And again this morning for me, too.

I’ve been having ridiculous latency issues too. My motion sensor-activated light has been taking a solid 1-2 seconds to turn on the past several days.

On the plus side, I haven’t experienced 30-60 second delays in a month or so.

For my part, I got back home this morning and my presence was detected shortly but I had time to make myself a coffee and sit down to start drinking it before the lights went on!

WigWag will be shipping not soon enough.

I spoke too soon. My living room light just turned off five minutes after I switched it off in the app.

I am really hoping SmartThings updates this thread…

Lot’s of issues here too. Great timing being an extended house guest just moved in and it is beyond embarrassing when I cant even get a light to stay on or off.