Sudden system zigbee outlet problems (May 2022)

I’ve had a very solid ST environment for many years now, thanks especially to littering my house with the centralite zigbee outlets. About 2 days ago it’s like the outlets have lost their minds. Will work for short periods of time, or not at all. Report power usage, but won’t respond to on off commands. I have unplugged and removed batteries from my hub, and left outlets unplugged for 30+ minutes now multiple times. I have changed my zigbee channel. I can see the devices routes are straight to the hub. I am seeing some unknown device routes in some cases, which do have me concerned. I have 24 of these. I have an email into support, looks like chat support is no longer an option? I guess I am looking for suggestions as where to turn at this point as I have spent days without finding any rhyme or reason.

These are local not cloud executed also. I am wondering if it could be hub related since it’s locally executed with a direct hub connection, not routed.

in other domains (wireless burglar alarms), what happens in a device, e.g. motion sensor will go stupid and transmit continuously, which jams the receiver e.g. burglar panel, and no other sensors can talk reliably after that.

Maybe you got something like that. Without some kind of great radio survey tool, it’s a process of elimination to identify the bad device, if that is the issue.

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I am trying to get my xctu digi stick working again. As an additional step, I have uplugged all outlets. If I let them sit, and then plug them back in, they work for a few minutes.

If I spam on/off, I can see the event in logging, but it does nothing to the device.

sounds like interference, could be from outside your place. Any 2.4 wifi router too close or too strong, could have that continuous effect. Changing location or orientation of the smarthub could help.

You’re probably gonna have to move.

I got a laugh out of “You’re probably gonna have to move.” Thanks for that.

My 2.4 wifi is on channel 1 and I moved my zigbee from 14 to 24 during this troubleshooting, so there shouldn’t be any overlap there. I moved all the outlets over to hubitat(zigbee chan 20) and they are all working correctly, so I will probably continue going down that route. I’ll be keeping ST for the devices hubitat doesn’t support.