Help Zigbee meltdown!

Woke up this morning hearing all my echos in the house restarting. I can hear the click of the ST outlet switching off/on again in quick succession every few minutes. Looking at the simple device viewer, it’s showing 30-40 zigbee devices not responding and numbers growing by the hour.
Rebooting the hub has seen no improvement and the home is in chaos.

I’ve pinged support a note but not hopeful on getting any meaningful response to be honest.
Anyone, have any suggestions or seen this kind of behaviour on the outlets? Are the outlet’s crashing due to congestion and restarting we think?

Nothing changed or introduced recently on your side?

Nothing that comes to mind in the last 48 hours. Counting up to 50 devices dropped now… getting it in the ear now that the house is going crazy. I have 8 echos constantly restarting (connected to outlets) saying “Hello” every few minutes.
House is in chaos and anything but “smart” right now. Maybe I’ve grown my system too big now, with well in excess of 200 devices, when you get a meltdown as bad as this, it’s almost impossible to deal with.

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The issues I can deal with, its the SAF that screws it for me!

I’ve got no issues at present (lucky old me), I’m keeping an eye on it, if I see anything I’ll let you know.

P.S. BT dropped that ball yesterday and cut off the Broadband, everything stopped working, even the Smart Lighting which I thought ran locally on the hub and out to Hue? Another nail in the coffin? Possibly, although I did have to explain that even if the motion sensor didn’t; work a light switch would :slight_smile:

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I feel your pain - this happened to me with the FW upgrade in Nov. - system on it’s knees.

Do you have OTA enabled ? I would get it disabled if so.

With a system that large I am sure you know and get alerts, but you do know there was also an outage last night (depending on time zone).

Have you even thought of shutting the hub down for a brief time (I KNOW I KNOW - just sayin) Lights toggled at 2 am are not friendly though.

The outage didn’t affect me (I’m in the UK), I’m pretty sure Wayne is as well.

well that is a positive ! ! !
have things settled down? Did you guys across the pond get the FW upgrade?

Yes, I had some signee devices drop off following the update as well as some CoRE piston corrupt but I cleaned everything up, did a 15 minute power cycle of the hub and since then everything has been okay. That was until I lost my ISP but that is another story!

Glad to hear you are back up - with “large” systems it is nerve racking and the thought of replace and rebuild becomes mind numbing — I cringe when I have to do a one off device - with up to 21 SA’s attached to a device it becomes a “to do list” not a 5 minute swap out.

But — who can beat the cool factor of HA !

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I think I’ve solved it. Seems something caused all of the Smartthings outlets to go into a bad state. I unplugged every single one of my outlets and the system started to behave again. I’ve now plugged them all back in and things are back to normality (except for all the sensors I need to reseat batteries for). House felt like a nightmare as you get so used to the automation that you build up.
Had to go into “legacy mode” use light switches and adjust the underfloor etc… for the duration.

If anyone sees their outlets switch on and off randomly (all at the same time) and not see anything in the logs, then it seems the fix is to unplug them for a duration before plugging them all back in. Worse thing was that this is enough to bring the rest of the system to a grinding halt.

This is what amuses me about ST. Pretty much the same as working in IT. When something works no one bats an eyelid, the minute it goes wrong… well, you know.

Same last night. No ISP, no lights on motion, no routines/schedules running and no capability to dim a light a bulb. I got told nothing was working by the ‘user base’ :scream: I then had to point out that the Hue taps we’re working and that they could be used to control lights. Who’d have thought it :slight_smile:

I can’t moan though, I keep walking in to rooms that have no automation in them, after standing for a few seconds wondering why the lights haven’t come on I then realise I’m an idiot and throw the switch.

The age old vision of a thought resulting in a :bulb: appearing above my head! I’m no genius!


My Smartthings Outlets seem to occasionally restart (the cause of all my troubles) and I found zero in the event logs of the devices concerned.

However, they all started doing it again and I found this:

Last Checked: 2017-02-03 7:40 PM GMT

At the exact time the smartthings outlet restarted. I checked all the other outlets and guess what? They occurred exactly when the outlet decided to perform an OTA check!! Coincidence? Unlikely I think.

Come to think about it I re-enabled my OTA update setting a couple of days ago. Back off it goes!


I was too embarrassed to say that before~ I did the same thing – I stood there for several seconds ~~~ but another member also piped in on a different thread - his wife had to XXX in the dark as she was already “engaged” when she realized the light wouldn’t flip on – and well … lol… 99 problems !

Stay in control!