Hub constantly going offline while internet is working (January 2020)

I have been seeing my hub constantly disconnect and connect, even though the internet connection is good.
Also, two of my clients have reported their hub going offline even though their internet is on and the light in the hub is green. Smartthings support has been of no help at all .

Just wanted to understand the extent of this problem… Others in the community facing this? Is this a known issue?

Yes, another user has reported it yesterday too.

@Brad_ST, it seems to be effective multiple users.

You may also want to list what SHARD you are on and what region. In case there is a common factor.


If the hub was offline despite a green LED and can be found at, it may have been impacted by an issue that was resolved about an hour ago that was related to

The status page says it was resolved yesterday - Jan 3rd

For the majority of users impacted, they would have only been impacted during the time frame listed on the status page. Late last night a separate but related issue was discovered. Power cycling the hub would have fixed hubs that were inactive with a green LED and a platform-wide fix was implemented today.


Hi Brad, I am one of the impacted users that this post was created for… my issue has been ongoing for many weeks. Internet is working but SmartThings home automation is showing offline. Green light on the hub, restarting the hub not helping.

This happened once before also but support was unable to resolve. We had to resolve by brute force by resetting and redoing from scratch. But the problem has returned. Please help!

@coolscript, has your Hub issue resolved? What is your SHARD?

You have a SmartThings Wifi so a solid green LED doesn’t have the same meaning as for other hubs.

A solid green LED means the router is functioning properly but doesn’t indicate the hub portion of the device is functional. If the issue is ongoing, it may be hardware related and replacing the unit may be the best option.

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Hey Brad, a restart of my hub seems to have fixed my automation problem. And in addition, my friend’s problem where he was getting constantly notified about the system going up and down seems to also have been resolved with a restart.

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