Hub offline after effect

This isn’t an issue topic, I’m just sharing my experience!! I’ve had ST for about 2 weeks now, and a couple days ago the hub went offline. I was able to fix it today by disconnecting the power for 20 minutes. After booting back up I noticed the battery levels have significantly dropped 70-80%. The devices must have went to a “search” mode, causing the batteries to drain. If your hub ever goes offline id recommend you get it fixed ASAP. Also when the hub went offline the doors where open. So during the down time I was getting notifications to close doors due to rain (which was annoying). Basically although the hub was offline the app was working as if it was online. If I armed the house it would say its armed rather than giving an error message.

Did you take the batteries out of the hub when you took it off-line? If you did, and your account didn’t recognize it was off-line, then send a ticket to support. That shouldn’t happen.

If you’re ever trying to reboot the hub, you need to take the batteries out as well.

Hi and thanks for the reply. The hub went offline on its own. No lights or anything. I wasn’t able to get to the location of the hub until a couple days later (today). When I reset it today I removed the batteries along with the power cord and Ethernet. After powering up I noticed the batteries were drained. Was this not supposed to happen? Also I had to open and close all doors in order for them to show up as closed, since they were open when they went offline. Also is the upcoming update addressing the freezing issue? I can’t afford to be dealing with constant freezing of the hub.

Definitely reach out to support. They will get you sorted out :smile:

I have had a similar thing happen after I rebooted my Hub last night to reset the presence issue.

Here’s a view from 15-Oct showing some of the battery statuses:

Here’s one from just now:

Most of them dropped by 10% or more. The presence sensor, “Glitch”, keeps dropping battery power because it’s not quite in range of the mesh. I’ve ordered an Outlet or two to attempt to fix this, but I’m concerned that turning the Hub fully off to force a Zigbee mesh repair will knock another 10-15% power off the batteries.

Thank you, I will email them in a few minutes

I didn’t think of that. The presence sensor will then be draining when it isn’t present because it’s constantly attempting to reconnect? Also are those android screenshots? Or tablet?

Those are from SmartTiles, which I heartily recommend.

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Smart things reports battery levels in tiers.

The tier that is reported as “88%” really means “above 87% and below 100%”

So as soon as battery level drops below 100%, even to 99%, it will be reported by SmartThings as 88%.

What you need to watch is the trend. If it drops 10% in one day. That was probably just a tier drop. You can even bounce back-and-forth by 10% because it’s right at the threshold of a tier.

But if it’s dropping 10% every week, that’s a different problem.

If you’ve had any device off-line for a while, it’s really common for it to come back in the next lower tier, which looks like a 10% drop but might’ve been a drop of half a percent. Or might just mean it hadn’t reported for a while previously.

The pattern is typically 100, 88, 77, 63, 50. Not sure after that… Several weeks in between.

Interesting, didn’t know that. My percentages are as follows:
Door sensor 1:100%
Door sensor 2: 88%
Motion sensor: 88%
Water leak sensor: 66%
All were installed at the same time

Those numbers are for my ST sensors…

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I didn’t experience any significant drops after fully rebooting hub and I’ve done it at least twice/day since Saturday.

Yes, great clarification, because different device types report batteries differently…

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I wish I had read this community BEFORE buying into the Smartthings system. I doubt I’d have gone for it. I’ve been running my Smartthings hub for only about 2 weeks now and have already had two “offline” moments. The first seemed to have sorted itself out before I could get back home and take care of it. The second is happening right now, has been lasting all morning already and I won’t get home before tonight. That said, I already reset the hub via the reset button before I left the house. No change. I’ll have to get more into it later.

Considering that people use this system to monitor their homes from afar I find it ridiculous that there’s not even a way to reset the system remotely. Also, reading through this community, the overall reliability of the system leaves a lot of room for improvement.

That said though, I’d like to sort out my current problem of my hub being down. Any idea, how I could get this going again?

Kind regards.

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