Hub going offline every few minutes

My v2 hub has been going offline every few minutes since Sunday (1/20/19) at 1423 EST. There does not seem to be any pattern, sometimes it is one minute sometimes it is 6 minutes, etc. At the same time it also reported that my Hue hub was offline, and didn’t connect until about an hour later. About an hour after that I’ve got very frequent notifications in my activity feed that my Hue hub is going on/offline. These aren’t every few minutes like my ST hub; ST is reporting disconnects for 10-30 minutes or so, and they occur in bursts that last for a few hours and then stop for several hours, before starting again. In some cases it says my Hue hub is offline for several hours. I have not noticed any interruption in my actual Hue service. I have also noticed in my ST app (classic) that even though it shows the Hue hub is online, the lights are all showing unavailable and in general my Hue products have disappeared from my activity feed, though a few routines are still registering and I also have some random events showing that I don’t believe correlates with actual events. For example, it stated that one of my Hue lights was set to 70% and another to 71% last night at 2333. Those lights are part of a lamp that uses 3 total lights, all of which were turned off around 2215.

This all started with a brief power outage Sunday at 1422 that lasted just long enough to reset everything in the house, but no longer than 10 seconds. I manually reset the ST hub last night via unplugging and plugging it back in, but this did not resolve the issue. I have my own Surfboard 6190, Google WiFi and the ST hub is hardwired via Netgear ProSAFE GS108 switch. I’ve had the hub running for a few years now without issue. When loggin in to IDE (using a Samsung login) I’m redirected to Thanks for any help!