Sudden Problems With SmartSense Motion Sensors


I have a number of SmartSense Motion Sensors on my network that have no problem. I have one room that was working fine, but for some reason it stopped registering motion, and the temperature appears frozen in time. I bought a replacement thinking it was faulty. I have connected the replacement to the network, and am experiencing the same thing. I have removed the device and added back as a completely different name, same thing. So it seems something is wrong with the hub/configuration of this device type all of a sudden.

This is the first issue I have had to trouble shoot. Any recommendations on how to proceed?

Open / Close sensors just stop reporting / responding

I highly recommend emailing and let them know you have a problem with a zigbee motion sensor.

(John) #3

I have the same problem with 3 of them. I have contacted support. Everything you’ve done is what they had me do. I only get 2-3 days out of each now before they hang.

(Mike Swanson) #4

That sounds oddly familiar to the problems I’ve had with my wife’s Galaxy S6 Edge… About 2-3 days… @slagle

(Brian) #5

I’d be interested if you hear anything on this as I bought a new sensor but it only reported temperature I was going to replace it but if it’s a zigbee issue I’ll switch to Fibrao which gives me more reliability and more control.


I have a support request submitted, no response yet.

In other news, as of yesterday now my routines wont execute. Everything has been great for a month or so, now it seems everything is falling apart.

(sidjohn1) #7