New ST V2 Hub - Motion sensor not working

I got the new ST V2 Hub over recent sale and rest of the kit/sensors work as listed except the motion sensor. It only reports temperature but no motion. The sensor is 12 inches from hub on a desk, and I can move my hand over it, bang the desk for vibrations, but there never is any motion detected.

The customer support said it is due some ongoing bug and don’t know how long it will take to fix.

Is everyone here seeing the same issue or is CS just taking me for a spin??

There are some zigbee issues ST is working on, but your case you may have a crap motion sensor. Have you tried a factory reset, and then perform Inclusion again?

To answer your question, it sounds like you weren’t given good service unfortunately.

Yes, that is what I did after searching for solutions online. Deleted and added the device again, but same result.

And then I contacted customer service telling them what all I had tried. Their first response was standard template. When I pointed out I have already done these steps twice, then Maryjane replied there is some ongoing bug. Hence I was suspicious if that is indeed the case or not.

Will contact customer service again. Looks like it is a dud.

Yup, that’s what I’d do too.

I had a bum ST Motion sensor last week that I am returning. It is 1 out of 4. Went through troubleshooting as well. Got it work for a while and it crapped out.

Thanks guys. Good to know there are others in same boat.

So far the product quality and customer service has been really great. /s.

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Contact the support, probably you can return it

I am the same situation, to me it’s a hardware issue but support keeps telling me it’s a software bug.

Contact another support person. Once I got the replacement unit everything works as it should.

Just bought a starter kit from Currys / PC world in the UK and have the same issue. I have contacted customer support as I dont really want to return the whole kit because of one faulty item I will let you know how it goes.:slight_smile:

Well that is the quickest customer service i have ever received. After sending them a email with a detailed description of the issue and of my attempts to resolve it they responded with in minutes to offer a replacement unit. Fantastic customer service.


I was just about to post this exact topic. I just received a kit and the motion sensor is only picking up motion about 1ft away. Anything further and no motion is registered.

I guess I’ll hit up customer service for a replacement.