Original SmartSense Motion Sensors failing?

I got five SmartSense motion sensors in July. In the past few days two of them have stopped reporting motion. They appear inactive for hours at a time on the network. But not reporting motion for periods of many hours (when motion is definitely there). In both cases it started out with a couple brief periods of failing to respond and then the next day totally not responding for most of the day.

I just emailed support. I tried exclusion and re-inclusion. Changing batteries. Z-wave network repair on the hub. Rebooting hub. Moving them to different rooms etc. All to no avail. Then occasionally they just start reporting motion active again for a while.

The odd thing is it started with one in the den next to the hub on one day, and then started on the kitchen motion sensor about 48 hours later. All other 50+ things on the network are working fine. And as far as I can tell, they are connecting to the hub, just failing to detect or report any status, much less motion.

Anyone experience similar problems with the original smartsense motion sensors? Advice?

This definitely warrants a ST statement as every one of us own these sensors.

Well support has been helpful. Gave me steps to try. In the end, I restored these by taking the batteries out for many minutes, then going through several iterations of pressing the white button. Both sensors have been stable for about 24 hours now.

Wondering what caused this inconvenience.These are zigbee so perhaps a mesh issue. Yet, I have not added or changed anything in my setup for quite a while to cause random new problems. Odd.

It has happened to me only once luckily. No action on my part was required. It has been working fine one and only false positive sine then.