Sub Wifi Hub setup failure

Hi there,

This is my first post in the SmartThings community. Apparently when I try to re-register my sub wifi hub. Following the on-screen instructions, into the setup process, it always stucks at 43% every time I retry and a prompt box pop up saying try to restart the hub to continue. It driven me crazy, now I can only have my main hub at 1st floor having the ability to internet.

So is it the firmware issue? Or just the app bugs? I couldn’t find any solutions on the thread but seems like this article was kind of same issues I’m facing.

The SmartThings WiFi mesh hubs are quite different from the other hubs. And there are/were several different models.

I don’t own one so I can’t be of much help.

Try looking at the instructions here after ensuring you know the exact model you have

There have been users reporting the same issue over the past few weeks. Gets to 43%. Best to contact ST support and report the issue.


I have reported the situation and they are pointless, simply replied they can’t help due to my base location limitation.

Any idea how to temporarily fix? Or I’m just gonna wait the app update or firmware update…

Unfortunately, I believe you are going to need to wait for ST to fix the issue on the back end. You can try downloading an older version from an APK mirror site if using Android but I don’t think that will have any effect. Do ask ST support to escalate the issue to a higher level of support.

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Alright thank you :heart: