Can't Add WiFi Hub & Hubs Factory Resetting on their own

I am receiving a “Network Error” prompt when attempting to add SmartThings WiFi hubs. I have eliminated internet, device, and the hub as the culprit. It is occurring on any hub I try to use, on any phone, on any network. I’m assuming there’s a server issue on the back end. Wanted to make it known.

I also have encountered (for the 3rd and 4th time) SmartThings WiFi hubs factory resetting themselves when clicked on in the Android app. When I select the hub, a prompt appears asking me to name the network even though they have been setup for months. No matter how I interact with this prompt, the hub then disappears from the IDE and goes offline in the app and enters the red/green setup mode, and I have to rebuild the whole configuration. I am no longer going to use the app to interact with my hubs. It’s not with the risk at this point. I would love to see the Plume app adopt some improvements so I don’t even need to touch the SmartThings app for WiFi related tasks.

Is there even development going on for this model? I have a feeling it’s the ugly step child and gets no attention in the hub family.

Bumping to report I STILL cannot add SmartThings WiFi hubs, period. Any account, any device, any internet connection. Is anyone else able to try setting one up if they have a spare? Support has been abysmal; I’ve sent screenshots, timestamps, serials, app versions, all the troubleshooting steps I’ve taken, and they have not given a single glimpse of hope for a fix! They told me to try unplugging it and plug it back in!

Hub V3 can be added without issue. Maybe Plume is the issue? It’s been a week and a half…

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