Stupid app keeps making my Wi-fi bulbs offline - help please

I’m close to dumping Smartthings as I’m so frustrated with it.

I have Samsung Smartthings V3 hub.

Intermittently my wi-fi Yeelight bulbs go into ‘OFFLINE’ status on the Smartthings app, which stops functionality via the app and also Alexa connection for the specific bulbs stops working. It’s not the same ones each time. To get them back working again, I have to delete and re-add the bulbs again. The two MASSIVE problems with this is it ruins my automations within Smartthings and also Alexa, which I have to re-configure both Smartthings and Alexa all over again.

  • I have a S20 Galaxy
  • I have fast internet and a reliable mesh network.
  • I live in a secluded area
  • All my yeelight bulbs work through the yeelight app and also LAN mode
  • All my devices are showing online through the Groovy IDE WebUI
  • I have done factory resets of the bulbs multiple times
  • I have done factory resets of my mesh network
  • I have done a soft reset via the Groovy IDE WebUI
  • I have done a hard reset [via unplugging waiting 30 mins and then re-plugging]
  • I have factory reset my Samsung Smartthings hub before
  • All apps, firmware etc are up to date

I can’t solve the issue! If it was the same bulbs each time, I’d say something was wrong with said bulb. But it’s just random ones that go offline in the app and it’s getting on my nerves now.

Please someone help me!

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Unfortunately, the off-line bug hits many different devices for many different customers at many different times. :disappointed_relieved:

It seems to mostly be a matter of some lag somewhere in the bulb to Internet Smartthings cloud transmission and essentially a check in message times out and the device gets marked as off-line.

There doesn’t seem to be anything that anybody can do about it, it’s been going on for about two years now.

Since yours are Wi-Fi devices, they don’t have anything to do with your hub.

I wish I had better information for you, maybe somebody else will have some suggestions. But it’s just been an ongoing issue for a long time. There were even reports of devices being marked offline in the new V3 app when they showed as online in the classic app. Just really frustrating stuff when there’s nothing you can do about it.

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How are your lights connected to Alexa? via Smartthings or the Yeelight skill?

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Smartthings skill

I would use the Yeelight skill and try and isolate if the issues to smartthings only, or maybe it’s with all 3rd party connections.

I have tried to separate yeelight skill and smartthings skill in alexa app. The result is that the lights work flawlessly when connected only with the yeelight skill and the offline issue persists when connected with smartthings skill. Problem in this setup I am facing is that once smartthings skill is enabled, it overrides the yeelight skill and souces the lights from smartthings and not from yeelight. I was expecting that duplicates will be formed sourcing from two different skills and I would simply add the ones which i want to a group and leave the rest coming from ST as is.