Devices going offline and won't come back on

In the last week or so I’ve started to have problems with 2 devices being offline. One is a Smartthings outlet and the other is a smart bulb. I’ve got a hub v2 running firmware 000.043.00004

Both had been fine until about 20 July when the smart bulb stopped being controllable via Alexa as it was showing as offline. In the Smartthings iPhone app it showed as offline too and couldn’t be turned on but if I used the timer function in the ST app to turn the bulb on or off (time set to 1 minute) then the light would come on and go off correctly.

The outlet on the other hand shows as being online in the app but just doesn’t respond - it can be switched on and off manually but using the timer trick didn’t work for the plug.

I’ve tried powering down the hub and powering it back up, pressing the reset button until the hub flashed yellow. This resulted in both devices coming back online and being controllable via the app and alexa. However after about 15 minutes they are both showing as offline again and can’t be controlled.

Has anyone any thoughts on what the issue might be?

Let’s start with the brand and model # for those two devices. Yes, I saw one is ST brand.

What Driver or Device Handlers are assigned to them. If Edge, you can find that in the ST app by opening the device, tap on More (3 dots in the upper right) and if Driver is listed then it is an Edge Driver. If Device Handler, login to IDE and check the device type.

To proceed, the brand/model will help determine if they are zigbee or wifi.

One note, pressing the reset button for a network reset is not recommended for devices falling offline. I just worry that someone will accidentally reset their hub and lose everything. :slight_smile:

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The Outlet is a Samsung Smarthings Outlet in the web IDE it shows the type as being - SmartPower Outlet
In the App the informationm shows as Firmware version 30065310 and Controller version 2.3.3-2
In the IDE the device the data shows:

  • application:
  • divisor: 10
  • endpointId: 01
  • firmwareFullVersion: 30065310
  • firmwareImageType: 39
  • firmwareManufacturerCode: 4174
  • manufacturer: CentraLite
  • model: 3200-Sgb
  • zigbeeNodeType: ROUTER

The bulb is a Wemo smart bulb. In the web IDE it shows the type as - ZigBee Dimmer
The app doesn’t show any information for the bulb
The web IDE data shows:

  • application: 83
  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: MRVL
  • model: MZ100

Both are zigbee.

It could be a few things:

  • interference from your wifi being too close to the hub
  • channel overlap between zigbee mesh and your wifi 2.4 ghz
  • failing zigbee device that is causing issues
  • can’t rule out ST app issue. You can login th to check if the device is also offline to rule out an app issue.

Yes thought they’d both be Zigbee.

  • I think the first option could be ruled out as I’ve not moved/changed any equipment for several months so there shouldn’t be any change in possible interference on the hub.

  • I’ve not changed the wifi channel on the router but it’s something to check - how do you find out what channel the Hub’s Zigbee mesh uses?

  • The only devices that are showing offline are the outlet and the bulb… given the bulb started working initially after the power down of the hub I’m going to try removing the outlet from the issue by unplugging it to see if it could be the failing device

  • Checking the web interface shows the same as the app - the bulb shows as offline and the outlet online so showing the same status in both.

What is strange is that the bulb shows as offline for immediate commands but using the timer in the app gets it to function so that would seem to imply the Zigbee network is working unless the background operation for the timer command somehow runs differently on the hub to the direct commands.

I’ll see how everything goes with the outlet removed from the newtork and not powered. Otherwise checking for a conflict int he zigbee channel and wifi might be the next thing to try.

you can view that in IDE

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you can try rebuilding your zigbee mesh by powering off the hub for 15-20 minutes. also remove the batteries if you use them.

for the plug, remove it from the outlet and plug it back in.

if you still have issues with those two devices after trying everything… contact ST support

Yes, I guess the mesh network will have rebuilt when I restarted the hub earlier today.

At the moment, powering the lamp using the bulb off and on and removing the outlet completely seems to have kept the bulb online - for a few hours so far :slight_smile: