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Stringify Controls



Stringify recently released a new web based dashboard for smart home control. Works with all Stringify supported devices/platforms including SmartThings and IFTTT.

Working good so far for me. The control tile sizes seem to auto adjust depending on screen size which is great.

(Bill S.) #2

I keep meaning to jump back into Stringify (I was in their beta for a long time on Android). Thanks for the link!


Yeah my problem with Stringify is that it doesn’t work at all with VoiceOver. Every single element is just tagged “button.” That’s it. No identifying information at all. Plus the navigation doesn’t work anyway. So I can’t get past the first screen. :disappointed_relieved:

(Robin) #4

Hmm… I played with this ages ago and didn’t much like it… just gave it another shot to find it won’t connect to dual relays and won’t control my colour lights :frowning:

Maybe when I have more time…

(Michael Philip Kaufman) #5

This seems easy enough to fix, I’d think – have you put the request back to the Stringify team?