Smart home control panel without smartthings

Hello all,

I’ve just started getting some smart home devices and “things”. So far I have:

  • Philips hue (bridge kit) 6 lights
  • Ring Doorbell
  • 2x Nest 3rd Gen thermostat
  • Smart plug
  • Google Home

I don’t have a smartthings hub as I don’t think I quite require it yet however, I’d like a control panel/tile like Action Tile to control lights, room temp etc.

I have IFTTT and Stringify.

Is there an iOS/Android app or web app that I can use to control the list of things I have without a smartthings hub? I have an old iPad and Android tablet I could use.


Which smart plug?

just some sonoff unit i connected to a multi plug.

This forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings home automation platform, So you may not get many responses for methods which aren’t using that system.

I would suggest you look for a stringify forum Or a general home automation forum and you will probably get more suggestions.

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Agree with you but this was one of the most active forums out there that I came across. I just assumed that lot of people using smartthings would have the knowledge on the matter.


As stated this is for SmartThings.

However, the closest you’ll get is through Stringify. They have a section of their app stringify controls. Kinda like a dashboard sorta. You can see all of your “stuff” from there and control it. Not very configurable and still in beta I believe.

Alternative is to put together your own “dashboard” that would interface with all of your separate systems. Easier said than done though.

Not sure what additional capabilities you get through Nest, maybe they have something. Otherwise a lot of people use a hub like SmartThings or Wink or home grown like Home Automation or OpenHAB to integrate and centralize their stuff. And with SmartThings you get a bonus of this happy crowd!

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