SmartThing Hub and Stringify

Stringify, for those who don’t know, is a lot like IFTTT

My problem: I need to add Things (devices) to a Flow (the action).
Whenever I do this I first log into my ST account and I choose the devices I would like to control in the ST Hub. Once I do this I have to authorize it… Once I do this I get this error message:

I have tried waiting, restating my phone. I called ST support and they told me Strigiy is not supported although has support by Stringify. the ST hub is listed and all my devises show up. I can’t authorize it though.

I hope this is a common problem.
Thanks in advance,

Have you tried the other direction and contacted Stringify support?

I haven’t seen this particular issue myself, but I did previously have an issue with re-connecting my ST hub in Stringify and received help from them.

No, I haven’t.
I did post to a FB page “Stringify enthusiast”.

I will now. Thanks for the tip.