Stringify - interesting concept and UI

Has anyone heard of this?

It looks interesting. I’m especially curious about the UI. It’s very cool to see a totally different approach to defining automation. This looks very powerful and still approachable by a novice. It looks like it is very very simple to do simple things and very possible to do complex things, all without coding. I also like how it would be very easy for someone to take a recipe and make a little tweak for their own situation, again without coding. Pretty neat.

Also, I saw a reference to something call Automatic on their site: Wow I want this to work with SmartThings.

SmartThings team: are either of these things on your radar?

This sounds a lot like ifttt, which is great in itself but has issues because of latency and just the nature of cloud-to-cloud things (spotty reliability, etc)

If I’m not mistaken, someone already has code that integrates Automatic with ST. I don’t own the thing so I never looked into it, but it was supposedly an additional way to manage presence (as long as you drive everywhere) :slight_smile:

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Since both automatic and SmartThings have IFTTT channels, you can already get some indirect integration.

In addition, one of the community members in this forum has been working on a more direct integration. You can check the following thread for more details (this is a clickable link)

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This was just posted in the /r/homeautomation subreddit a day ago… if you’re looking for an invite, you might post there:

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