Stream SmartThings IP Cam mjpg feed to browser?

Is it technically possible to create a smart app that takes the mjpg stream from a SmartThings-connected IP Cam and stream it to a browser? Or more specifically to an img control on a web page in a browser?

I’m assuming it’s possible because I can see live feeds inside the SmartThings app for my IP Cam even though I don’t have port forwarding set up.

Any pointers or direction will be appreciated!

Just because the technology exists, doesn’t mean it is “possible”.

As far as I am aware, a great deal of SmartThings’s video functionality has not been made available in the developer platform API. It’s certainly not in the Developer Documentation.

This is in no small part because SmartThings intends to monetize Video value-add services (storage, etc).

Makes sense to me. Thanks for taking the time to share your insight.

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