Connect a Webcam to SmartThings?

I suspect it will hit me as soon as I post this, but…

Is there any way to integrate a webcam (either a camera that’s embedded in a laptop, or one that is connected to a Windows computer via USB) into SmartThings?

I assume there must already be something for this, and maybe I’ve already even seen it too, but it’s just not coming to mind.

The reason I’m asking is that I have some extra, older, USB webcams that I’d like to repurpose if possible. Also, I figure, if a computer around here has a camera in it, I might as well connect it to ST if at all possible.

I’m already using some of them for generalized home security (i.e. they can already be set to record photos/videos, etc, and I can connect to them remotely via various systems and mechanisms and take a look around), but it’s a bit of a kludge, and if there were something a bit more ‘ready-to-go’ it would be worth checking into.

Is this where something like SightHound or Alfred would come in (at least for the part about consolidating it all into a single system; even if ST-integration isn’t possible)?

Any ideas?

Video support is currently closed-source and only available for specifically supported IP cameras. You could possibly write a devicetype that pulls still images from a webcam but you’d have to do this via a POST/GET command from the hub to the computer.

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So, I suppose the better route for what I’m looking to get is to find something that is already a consolidated solution for these kinds of cameras, and then figure out ST integration for just that one system; whatever it is.

Yeah, it’s pretty easy to pick up a cheap IP camera on Amazon and pull snapshots using an API. Most of these cameras have fairly well reported URL commands. Check out a few that I’ve put together:

Well, there’s the catch…I’m not talking about going out and buying any cameras; instead, I’m trying to repurpose some that I already have.

However, your list here is definitely useful in so many other ways, that I don’t care. lol
Thanks for the list, Ben. :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, these devicetypes use the same command (hubAction) that you would use for any local network commands so you can possibly leverage the code to create something that works for you :slight_smile:

SmartTiles also is an option if you just want to view your webcam on a web browser based dashboard along with your SmartThings devices. Not all cameras are supported though. See: SmartTiles: Video Camera Compatibility