Rtsp or http streams via app on ST?

Is there a way to view live video stream such as rtsp and http from a IP cam? It wd be great to click on a device and view the live stream or better yet an app to trigger a video stream view. How to’s or app links?

Also, I see some great code thanks to ST folks at http://build.smartthings.com/forums/topic/pairing-a-vistacam/. Still haven’t gotten all capture to work w my generic foscams though.

Viewing of video from within the ST app is ont supported. I think it’s still undetermined if they’ll add it later.

I had a question about live video from camera feeds, etc…

Given that the SmartThings apps can display video from YouTube (for example when adding a device, you can watch installation videos) would it be possible to dupe the app? Please see the attached photo. Clearly the app itself can handle video without breaking a sweat. To me, there’s almost no point in bothering with cameras unless we can utilize live video. Thanks for your ideas and responses!


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