Ip Wecam device handler/smartapp code?

Does anyone know if there is a currently working version for smartthings?

I’ve been searching to no avail except for a 2015 version that doesn’t appear to work I only find action tiles and blue iris info. Thanks in advance

Which smartthings app are you using? new or classic?

I’m using Classic, as nothing works right on the new one.

ok, just making sure. Are you wanting to watch the live stream through smartthings or something else?

Just take pictures when there’s motion.

I just found one by alt Alan and i’m going to Give it a try, the one I used previously was from RobLandry

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Unfortunately I have had no luck with Alt Alan’s device handler either.

Any ideas?

would help to say what kind of cameras you’re trying to connect and what streaming protocol they use. RTSP, MJPEG, ONVIF, etc. I’ve seen several that work with RTSP.

Which ones use rtsp? I’ve hacked a few Wyze cams to provide rtsp feeds.

Android cameras. Ip Webcam is an app that turns old phones into ip cameras.

I can connect to the cameras using a web browser typing in ip:port shows the ip camera interface.

I’ll give the generic camera code a go though!

Honestly I don’t know what kind of streaming protocols they use. I was hoping someone had already made something. And they did, back when HTTPGet was still usable in a LAN network, but then everything changed to HubAction for LAN devices. So I either have to figure out how to convert the HTTPGets to HubActions (which yesterday I did attempt, but the parse method didn’t seem to do anything, after the hubaction was returned. So it looks like possibly the route to go will be most likely creating a smartapp that creates the child device and a smart app that handles the hubAction connections to the LAN device. I swear this gets more complicated the more it shouldn’t be, but I figured I would just see if anyone had written something new for IP Webcam the android app that turns old phones into IP webcams so I can have motion trigger a picture take. Looks like nope… althought that generic video camera deviceType says it allows for live streaming when in the network… I am really looking for more of a security picture when I am out of the LAN network.


That generic video camera works for video streaming. No video capture or picture capture, so not really what i’m looking for. Perhaps I can tinker with it and add take picture as a function. Right now i’m just too busy to try and figure it out.

Hi there. Any updates with this project?

I just bought a new Samsung SmartThings Hub v3 and started to play with it.
Added water leak sensor to it and it works great. It shows temperature in addition to dry/wet conditions.
I have an old Samsung phone and installed IP Webcam app on it. I configured it to use local streaming and can control it via local ip address. It comes with motion sensor option and you can switch from back to front camera. It would be nice, if it can be integrated with the ST hub, so you can get push notifications to your phone when some motion detected and see live streaming from your old phone.

I followed instructions for Generic Video Camera (link provided above) and with old Smart Things Classic app was able to see live stream from my old phone IP Webcam. It is not working with new Smart Things app unfortunately. I thought that it will allow me to connect when I am not home, but it only works when my phone is on the same LAN network as my old phone. I am guessing it is not really connected with my ST hub. Leak sensor is connected OK. I can see it info when I am away from home. Does anybody have suggestions on how get this working?
@pstuart just in case he has any ideas.

Are there currently any device handlers available? I have a few new wireless reolink cameras.