Ip Wecam device handler/smartapp code?

(Spinn360) #1

Does anyone know if there is a currently working version for smartthings?

I’ve been searching to no avail except for a 2015 version that doesn’t appear to work I only find action tiles and blue iris info. Thanks in advance

(Jimmy) #2

Which smartthings app are you using? new or classic?

(Spinn360) #3

I’m using Classic, as nothing works right on the new one.

(Jimmy) #4

ok, just making sure. Are you wanting to watch the live stream through smartthings or something else?

(Spinn360) #5

Just take pictures when there’s motion.

(Spinn360) #6

I just found one by alt Alan and i’m going to Give it a try, the one I used previously was from RobLandry

(Spinn360) #7

Unfortunately I have had no luck with Alt Alan’s device handler either.

Any ideas?

(Jimmy) #8

would help to say what kind of cameras you’re trying to connect and what streaming protocol they use. RTSP, MJPEG, ONVIF, etc. I’ve seen several that work with RTSP.

(Don) #9

Which ones use rtsp? I’ve hacked a few Wyze cams to provide rtsp feeds.

(Jimmy) #10

(Spinn360) #11

Android cameras. Ip Webcam is an app that turns old phones into ip cameras.

I can connect to the cameras using a web browser typing in ip:port shows the ip camera interface.

I’ll give the generic camera code a go though!

(Spinn360) #12

Honestly I don’t know what kind of streaming protocols they use. I was hoping someone had already made something. And they did, back when HTTPGet was still usable in a LAN network, but then everything changed to HubAction for LAN devices. So I either have to figure out how to convert the HTTPGets to HubActions (which yesterday I did attempt, but the parse method didn’t seem to do anything, after the hubaction was returned. So it looks like possibly the route to go will be most likely creating a smartapp that creates the child device and a smart app that handles the hubAction connections to the LAN device. I swear this gets more complicated the more it shouldn’t be, but I figured I would just see if anyone had written something new for IP Webcam the android app that turns old phones into IP webcams so I can have motion trigger a picture take. Looks like nope… althought that generic video camera deviceType says it allows for live streaming when in the network… I am really looking for more of a security picture when I am out of the LAN network.


(Spinn360) #13

That generic video camera works for video streaming. No video capture or picture capture, so not really what i’m looking for. Perhaps I can tinker with it and add take picture as a function. Right now i’m just too busy to try and figure it out.