Strange Unknown z-wave sensors showing when adding a device

I was adding a new device and when it was discovering the device, ST also discovered three other devices. I don’t know what these are so I labelled them unknown. One is a z-wave dimmer. All of them are saying “unavailable” on my ST My Home. I am wondering if these are repeaters from devices that I have already and also if I can delete them from my device lists? Here is a picture…

Brand and Model of the device you are trying to add? It may be a multi endpoint device. Otherwise it’s possible that some of your other devices were put into pairing mode at the same time, which can sometimes happen if people are flipping switches while you are trying to include a new device.

I was trying to add a GoControl light bulb LB60Z-1 at the time.

OK, not a multi end point Device.

That bulb probably would add as a generic Z wave dimmer if there’s not a specific device type handler for it.

Do you have other bulbs of the same model and by any chance were they being turned on and off at the same time? If that’s the case, just toggling the unknown devices in your things list should cause the older bulbs to go on and off and you can see which ones switched.

I have a couple more of these bulbs but they were off at the time. When I open up any of these unknown devices they look like they are on but it says the the device is unavailable. If i press it to turn off it comes back on.

One other thing you can try is go in IDE and click on that device for more detail. If you are lucky. There could be useful details under Data for hint on the device.


You may also need to check with support and see what they can see from their side.

I looked in the IDE but it didn’t give me any information. I have sent off an email to support. I will see what they say.

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Devices in a neighbor’s home?

If you turn off your home’s breakers and the devices still appear, it is likely not attached to your home (unless they are battery sensors or on the same circuit as your Zwave gateway/hub.)

I contacted ST support and they didn’t really have an answer for this problem. However, I noticed that the “unknown” devices disappeared after the last Hub firmware update.:grin: