Slow motion sensors reaction and z-wave repair fails for some devices

Since using Smartthings and especially during the migraiton to Egde Drivers I felt some motion sensor they just do what they want. Sometimes they remain in a state ‘motion detected’ which does not switch off the light, sometimes they don’t detect the motion at all.
Now this seems to get worse and not only randomly happening.
I’ve tried to repair the z-wave network. there I receive two different messages (which I’ve never received before)

  • Unknown device - failed to update mesh info
  • Unknown device - failed to update route

can anyone tell me how I can identify these devices? maybe after resetting these they might work again.
Or any other best guess what I could do before I throw the damn thing out of the house?

many thanks

This was discussed in another topic a month or so ago. I dont think ST ever fixed the issue.

Motion is a continuing issue that ST really needs to resolve. Motion is integral in successful home automation and when it doesn’t work, well, everything turns to _______. FIll in as you wish.

I have no idea how to remove these unknow devices.
You can try to write also here:

Hopefully someone will help you.
I also have unknow devices

Although this won’t fix the problem, it will let you know what Zooz has to say about the motion issue (Zooz Motion Sensor)…

From: Zooz Support <>
Sent: Saturday, October 14, 2023 9:05 AM

Thanks for getting back to me!

Yes, we’ve replicated the issue on SmartThings with the Edge driver. Our techs should have more details next week.


Zooz Support Team

Hi Sara-

I’m just following up on this. It is a real problem when the lights don’t turn off. Did they make any progress on the issue?


We’re currently working with the driver developer and SmartThings support to resolve the problem. It’s not clear what’s causing it other than some type of recent platform change on SmartThings. We’re trying to find the source as quickly as possible and will notify as soon as we have a fix. Thank you for your patience!


Zooz Support Team

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Maybe it’s good to know that I’m not the only one having this Problem. Bit still annoying

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I struggeled over this Video
Maybe I should more often watch out for stuff like that :smirk: