Strange things with Alexa Routines

I have a routine setup for my 'Family Room" in Alexa Routines. It consists of only two devices, a GE-Z-Wave Dimmer, and a IRIS Smart Power Plug. The strange thing that happened a number of times is when I use the invoke statement “Alexa Family Room”, the lights come on, then all of a sudden the IRIS Plug goes off. Haven’t been able to figure out what can cause this. I have no other similar routine in Alexa.

You’re sure the IRIS Plug doesn’t have any other rules (ST, CoRE, etc) that may be controlling it?

What happens when you say Alexa, turn on “name of Iris plug”?

No other rules for the IRIS Smart Plug.

Works as it should, not any problems.

I am hoping this is just a temporary network problem. My wife and I refer to this as our ghost.

Try renaming the Routine to Joel Test and execute it. If that doesn’t work, then

Remove the GE dimmer and have the routine just execute the on for the Iris.

You don’t have a Group or any other devices called Family Room do you?

I already did that, and it happened, but this time it wasn’t the IRIS it was the Dimmer. So today it seems to be working, so maybe the Ghost took a vacation, or more likely it was the Alexa Token bug and ST. I removed the Alexa SmartThings Skill and then enabled and authorized it.

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You might want to call a priest and get the house cleansed before his/her vacation is over.

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I found a note a few minutes ago. It says “Sorry I had to leave, but I went to a warmer climate, see you all in the Spring”.

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Be sure to send that note on to Amazon

At least it didn’t say “Get out!” My wife swears that Alexa and Smartthings are conspiring to take over our home.

There is still some funkiness going on with the Alexa and SmartThing integration. Don’t do like me and loose 3 days trying to fix it. This too will pass. Woke up this morning to Alexa magically finding 19 devices that she refused to find for the last 3 days. I did absolutely nothing on my end.

Reviewing camera footage of Ron’s place from the last 3 days.

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:open_mouth::roll_eyes:Ok…Well…I have been quite busy.

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Stay out of webCoRe, stay out of Alexa, stay out of ST for a week. Go on vacation and come back. All will be good again.

Amazon and ST should take the line from As good as it gets: You make me wanna be a better app.

Their current ongoing line is from Apollo 13: Houston, we have…

Open a ticket with Amazon. I have done that and they have fixed the issues fairly quickly. I still have 1 issue pending that I opened on Tuesday morning.

I am aware of it, but so far today has been good.