SmartThings routines and alexa

My routines in SmartThings don’t work with Alexa anymore? They were fine now it says in the Alexa app that they have been disabled because they contain devices unsupported by Alexa? They are lifx bulbs and 2 Samsung plugs?

Did you check mark the “routines” in your Alexa APP?
How were you commanding them before - A virtual switch that executed the routine?

You can disable ST in Alexa App - then ENABLE ST
then select the devices to authorize in ST - DO NOT check the ROUTINES if you are controlling with a VS.
bulbs and plugs should NOT have caused this - it is usually things like garage door openers and locks - considered a high risk for security breech.

I worked out the problem, for some reason any routine with home monitor selected has been disabled in Alexa?