Iris Plug (gen 2) works with ST hub, but not Alexa

I have 6 of these plugs, all work great. Today I added two new ones. Both work fine with ST app, and ActionTiles, but Alexa says “Christmas Tree is not responding”. I looked in the IDE and the plugs shows they are in use by Amazon Alexa, I can go into the Alexa app and see the two plugs names, I have run discover new devices several time… any ideas? Thanks

Try changing device type.

If that doesn’t work use a virtual switch in Alexa and a routine in SmartThings to tie together

I have eight of the Iris gen2 smart outlets on my system. They all use the standard “Smart Power Outlet” DTH, and process locally.

Before you go messing with changing DTH or making virtual switches, try the easiest thing: reset your hub. There’s a recessed reset button. Just stick a toothpick in there for a few seconds, and let it reset itself. This might sync everything back up, and get those new outlets working.

I had the same issue with a couple of Cree bulbs as you are having with your outlets, and that simple reset did the trick.

If that does not work, then by all means try other methods.