Alexa routines not working?

Running any routine via Alexa seems to have stopped working this evening (apr. 13) for me. does not seem to show any other outage except scheduling smartapps. I can still turn on and off lights, and even for routines, Alexa responds with OK - but they don’t execute (and these were working this morning). Anyone else having issues?

The same thing is happening to me as well, but not technically routines. I use alexa to turn on the TV: Alexa-Smartthings-Harmony. Responds the same as your unit (says “ok”), but doesn’t actually perform function nor does it say it can’t communicate w smartthings. Oddly, I can still turn on lights: Alexa-Smartthings-Hue. Adding to the confusion – if I use the smartthings app I can turn the tv on (though not reliably). So I would think the breakdown in communication is alexa to smartthings, but if this was so why would it work to turn the lights on? Incredibly confused and not sure how to fix it.

I started experiencing precisely the same symptoms this evening. Routines work fine from ST app, but not via Alexa. Devices still work fine from Alexa, routines are still discoverable by Alexa. When you tell Alexa to “turn on [routine]” she says “OK” but nothing happens. This all was working fine until the evening of April 13. Somebody screwed up something with the integration. Doesn’t appear to be fixable from the user end, I’ve tried just about everything. Sigh!

15 minutes after I made that post, my routine started working via Alexa! Go figure!!

Not working again. Oy! I put in a report to smart things customer support.