Strange New Flickering of Devices on Dimmers

I know there have been many topics on this. Many of are from some time back when the issues were generally incompatible dimmers and/or LED bulbs. But this is something different.

Yesterday I noticed that every light fixture I have on a dimmer has started flickering (not strobing). The flicker is present at any dimming level and on every fixture. Every lamp is LED but it’s a mixture of multi-bulb chandeliers, pot lights, vanity strips, single pendants, etc. All the switches are GE/Jasco dimmers. The hardware has been in place for years without this flickering issue. And most, if not all of the dimmers were converted to Edge drivers weeks ago.

Anything on a switch (not dimmer) is fine.

I’m no expert but from my little knowledge and some research it would seem my property may be experiencing some kind of systemic issue with the power frequency. But that’s a guess.

I did have a power outage a week ago and the utility company had to make repairs that affected my entire neighborhood. We were not given details on what repairs were needed. This flickering problem only started last night, not right after the utility company repairs last week.

Any thoughts from the experts in here?

What driver are you using? According to the following post, another community member started having issues with Zigbee bulbs yesterday and support told them it’s a known issue that’s being worked on.

They are all on the SmartThings stock Zwave Switch.

They are working … just flickering.

EDIT: Huh, look at that. I just noticed the date on that driver …

wow, hopefully that is just a coincidence :grimacing: maybe try Phil’s driver to see if there’s a difference in the flickering?

I was actually just about to do that. Then when I went to change the driver on a device I realized that particular device is actually still on a DTH. So this is not driver related. Looks like I may be calling the utility company on this one.

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well good news for us, bad news for you. good luck!


The stock driver was just updated because they pushed out a bad update on February 14. It caused runaway messaging, which, in turn, could certainly cause flickers. But if you’re using a DTH that wouldn’t affect you. :thinking:

Z-wave devices just stopped working throughout the house (14 Feb 2023)

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I had the utility company come out this evening and check the feed from the easement and the meter and they reported all is good. They recommended I have an electrician inspect within the home. I’ve now put in a service request to my home warranty company. More to come …

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Following this post because I have the exact same thing going on. I have two different GE/Jasco dimmer switches and my lights are going nuts. I have found that if I dim them using the paddle just below 100% or if I unscrew a light bulb and screw it back in that it stops. I cannot understand what is going on or why it’s happening. Mine didn’t start last night but I would say in the past week or two. I do use LED bulbs but they are name brand not the FIET and they are dimmable. Plus, like you said, it’s been like this for years without issue. I went and checked and mine are not on Edge and they also are not on any custom DTH and it’s just the standard ‘Z-Wave Switch’.

Electrician came out and inspected my panel. Voltage good on both legs. Frequency good. Agreed he could see the flickering but didn’t have the means to investigate further.

I’m now starting to think I have a bad smart device somewhere that is creating interference back in to the power and affecting the whole house.

Not happy right now.

Interesting. Could you turn off one breaker at a time to at least narrow down which circuit has the bad device?

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That’s the plan once I have time.


I never did report back on this …

The problem persisted for about a week. I never did get as far as trying to narrow down to a device but one night the flickering just stopped. The problem never returned.

Twilight Zone stuff.

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