Has been a week now Sylvania lightify (ledvance) stopped working

I have over 100 sylvania lightify br30. They migrtated to edge fine using the samsung edge zigbee switch driver. Yesterday all of the sudden all of them stopped responding to command. They show up in the app but they will not respond to commands. Tried to change driver to MAriano’s and a couple of them responded for a while and then stopped again. Tried resetting and reinstalling, change channel with no luck. I have zigbee motion sensor that works without issues. Any suggestion is appreciated.

samsung support says is an error on their end and they are working on it

Still no solution. If anybody has any idea please let me know


What happened with this I have 6 ledvance zigbee bulbs they work for a bit then stop completely and seemingly take the ZigBee network down or large parts of it.