Strange issue with Smart Lighting

This may seem very strange, or may be a known issue. I’m not sure which…

I create a simple on/off routine triggered by a switch turning on. Nothing more to it than that.
It’s off the same switch basically to turn itself back on as soon as turned off…

Switch A turns ON when switch A is turned OFF
This works normally as it should. No issues.

The problem is when I try to restrict it by modes.
I have 6 modes. One (default most of the time) is “daytime”
I can select all the mode check boxes except daytime. It won’t put a visible checkbox on daytime. But if I select next, you will see daytime listed in modes selected. Save it and come back into, and poof, daytime is gone.

Explain this…

Contact the support

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So problem resolved.

If you have this problem, go into IDE, rename the mode (rename it back after) to something different. Update/save.

It doesn’t change any integrations where it is selected in internal or external smart apps, but it forces the hub to update whatever was the problem.