Modes being ignored but only for some switches

I’m going to do my best to explain this, it’s kind of confusing.

Some switches seem to be ingnorimg a mode setting:

I have lights set to a time of day 6:00am only on “school days” (mode setting). This has been working for the past year.

The issue started two days ago just after a power outage the hub is running some of the lights set for school days mode even though the hub is in night mode?

Looking in the logs the hub is saying it sent the command under my labeled school days switch automations, light on, off , etc. I have multiple automations for school days set for different times in the morning. Only the early ones seem switch:

Christmas tree - automation is set for 6:00 am to turn on only on mode school days. But the last two days mode set to night the tree comes on.

Patio light - automation is set for 6:15 am to turn on (this is when the dog is out) only on school days. This light hasn’t been turning on (doing correct thing based on the mode)

I have others triggering correctly and wrong but don’t think they all need to be listed.

I’m not sure where to start trying to fix this as some things are working properly and others not so much. This seems to be based on the mode setting and started just after a power outage

Your switches are not aware of your mode setting, only your automations… check your automations and ensure they are tagged for the correct mode.

That sounds really frustrating! :scream:

I would start by going into the IDE and check and see if your home’s time zone and geographic location are set correctly. Also check to see what times your various automations are scheduled to run next.

Then I think it’s like @sidjohn1 suggested: just take one automation at a time and track its performance to see what it thinks it’s doing.

By any chance have you added any new modes lately? Because routines in the classic app have to be set up to NOT run in specific modes (as opposed to smart lighting automations, which get set up to run IN specific modes), It’s easy to trip up and end up with something running when it’s not supposed to. Because when you add a new mode you have to go back through all your routines and add it to the list of “don’t run in this mode“ for your existing routines.

Just a thought.

To change the mode from say night to school days I have automations to do this but to controls the lights I used a smart app, think it is smart lights. In setting this smart lights up I list to only turn on if mode is set to school days. The real bummer is the turn off time under same set up for the smart lights didn’t turn them off?

Yes very frustrating with new bit of info that in the same smart lights set up the turning off didn’t work? So how is this possible? I know it’s only as smart as the person programming it, this could very well be the issue even though I had everything working great for about a year.

You make a good point to poke around in the ide and see if anything looks out of place

This started right after a power failure so I’m also thinking a reboot of some sort might be a thing to try.

If you unplug the hub (and take out any batteries it may have) and leave it off for about 20 minutes, then put it back on power, it will re-sync with your cloud account. So that’s not a bad idea, but first I would check the IDE to make sure that what you are synching with is correct.

Take out the batteries… forgot about the batteries! Looked at the ide and all looked right, to me, so I pulled batteries and unplugged for about 30 minutes, plugged back in add the batteries a short while later I was notified hub was back on line.

So far we have failed to trigger 5 of six things that worked yesterday? Seems like two steps back…

I would like to note that the hub is plugged in to a surge protector that didn’t pop when we lost power, what I believe is the root cause of this mess, somehow.

Thank you for suggestions cuz I’m freash out of ideas at this point

OK, in that case, let’s just pick one of the automations that failed to trigger. And work that one.

Can you post screenshots of the piston/automation so we can see what we’re looking at?

So after power being out for some time, hours last night, everything is working great now! Thank you for suggestions and help with this but unless you think there might be an underlying issue I’m thinking if it’s working let it alone.