SmartApp triggers when mode changes but not wanted

Hi All don’t know whether anyone has seen this before.

I’m have the Big On and the Big off smartApp installed for convenience, As a push button they work well.

However I have now found that when the node changes from Home to Night or from Night to Home, the Big-on App seems to trigger without being called. So rather i’m finding that suddenly at night all the lights come on and then first thing in the morning rather than a gentle wake-up we get every light on at full brightness.

I’ve tried to trace what is triggering the Smartapp but with no success it is not part of either the Good morning or good night routine.

Any guesses.
Thanks in Advance

By any chance are you using sunset or sunrise in association with the smart apps?

I ask, because I have a support ticket in because since the last firmware update my lighting automations that are include sunrise or sunset in the " happen when" restrictions are sending level 99 set level instructions at sunrise or sunset even if the automation should not trigger because of other restrictions. This is a recent change.

No not this time, however I am using timed events so the two could be related. The mode changes trigger bang on time, but the app shouldn’t trigger.

Definitely put in a support ticket, there is something going on.

Thanks I will i’ll post the outcome here

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