Strange device status issue

I’ve had a strange thing happen with the multipurpose sensor on my garage door. It has been working fine for months. I have Smartthings set up to alert me if the garage door is left open for more than 5min. Twice now I’ve opened and closed the garage door and had it alert me that it was left open. The status in the app shows that the door was opened AND closed but Actiontiles shows that it was left open. I don’t know why they would show that the sensor is in 2 different states. This just started a week ago or so and I haven’t changed anything with my setup. I’ve tried rebooting the hub and the discrepancy remains. Any ideas?

I have had the same thing with other types of devices not updating in ActionTiles. I will ask the question in the ActionTiles Beta forum.

I have recently (but only occasionally) seen discrepancies between ActionTiles and the SmartThings app for the status of a device, where SmartThings is correct. It might be only for devices that change status quickly - a regular door opening and then closing for example.

@AwsmSpaceMonkey - how are you generating the “left open” alert? If from SmartThings I would expect it to know the SmartThings status of the device (closed) and not alert you. Unless SmartThings has two separate status fields - one that it (accurately) shows to the user via the app, and another that it (fictitiously) shares with ActionTiles and whatever SmartApp you are using for your alerts.

The alert is being generated with a Smart Home Monitor-Custom rule. It’s set for “Sensor opens” and 5min. I don’t know why it’s getting triggered if the sensor shows that it was opened and then closed 1min later. The current status is shown as closed in the ST app but open in ActionTiles.

I usually find when these sensors start giving erroneous alerts the battery needs changing… regardless of the recorded battery level.

Quick update. ActionTiles now shows the correct status but it took over 3hrs to change while the ST app showed the correct status the entire time. I still don’t know why Smart Home Monitor sent the alert when the app showed the door was closed. I changed the battery a few weeks ago. I’ve found that when the batteries go the device no longer reports the temp but this sensor has been keeping up to date. I might try a different garage door sensor if anyone has a good recommendation.

ActionTiles receives events via messages from the “ActionTiles V6 (Connect)” SmartApp instance installed in your SmartThings Account-Location. This is the same way that other external services like IFTTT, Alexa, and other external services send & receive Events.

If Sensors do not appear to be updating in ActionTiles, it is generally more likely (statistically historically) to be a problem in the SmartThings Cloud than ours.

In the SmartThings IDE, please use Live Logging to help diagnose (since you already did the basic diagnostics of checking the SmartThings App); also check the Status/State in My Devices / (drill into the detail page for the non-responding Device) especially if it is only a single device not working.

Of course; drop a note to

And if there’s a major outage with ActionTiles, we post as soon as confirmed on

I don’t think this is an issue specific to ActionTiles since the Smart Home Monitor rule triggered too. If the SmartThings cloud was acting up would it affect AT and SHM but not the ST app which showed the correct status? Maybe my hub lost its internet connection for a moment or something.

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Correct and correct.

Both ActionTiles and SHM depend on SmartApp Cloud processing (though can’t parts of SHM run locally - I’m still unsure).

The SmartThings App uses the cloud too, but an entirely different private API.