Multi sensor change

My smartthings multi sensor miunted on my door continues to change its status, meaning it works properly for a day then reverses. Normal operation shows closed when the door is closed and open when door is open, but a day or two later it shows open when door is closed and closed when the door is open. I have deleted it and reset multiple times but it keeps reverting back. Any fixes?

does your door happen to be metal or have a metal skin?

Yes, metal skin. But has been installed and working properly for 5 plus years and problem just started

Local magnetization might cause the sensor to show closed when it was open, but it shouldn’t cause it to show open when it was closed. So I think something else must be going on. :thinking:

Start with the basics:

Battery percentage?
What device type is being assigned when you add it back?

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Battery at 80 percent, shows back as a multi sensor

Tried to reach out to support, but no response. I have not had much luck in past year+ with support, some responses take over 6 months. Im also having issues with automations. Starting to get pretty frustrated with this and im thinking to jump to another platform.

Is the sensor one of those original ones with the two AAAA batteries? If so, don’t trust the battery reporting level and swap batteries.

2 aaa batteries

Sorry, that was old one this one has the one battery

Well got through to support chat, they have no clue as to solutions. I dont think they knew what a smartthings multi sensor is. So if anybody in the community can help with suggestions and or fixes i would muchly appreciate.

Hi @al_cardinal

Have you checked that it is not configured as a garage door in settings?
That would make the open or closed event determined by acceleration in one of the axes.

Configured properly. Was working properly up to 2 to 3 weeks ago, thats when notifications, routines and automations stopped as well. One of our samsung phones stopped responding as a presence desoite deleting and adding back. Have been dropping sensors like crazy, but have managed to add them back. Been with smartthings since the beginning and this is the worst i have seen in all the years

Now support is saying they can do nothing not there department, but I did query smartthings support so guess they dont know how to solve the issues or maybe not interested, very disappointing. I guess ill be offering up a v3 aeotec hub up for sale and make the jump to hubitat or hoomseer. Disappointing as i have been with smartthings since the beginning.

It only occurs to me that if you are using a DTH switch and use an edge drive, for example, the smartthings zigbee Contact beta stock.

When you install it the sensor will be configured again with the new driver and see if you are lucky and it works

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Thanks will give it a shot. Now if i xan get notifications, automations/routines to work, i might just keep going with smartthings. But right now based on samsung/smartthings support, im done