ST MultiSensor - Garage Door

As of a couple of days ago, both the ST Multi sensors on my garage doors changed to “Open” status at 6:50am, even though there was no activity. Since then, the status never changes and none of my related automations function properly.

In addition, I notice that the setting in the App for the ST Multi that designated it as being used on a garage door has disappeared. The only setting available is to adjust the temperature offset.

I opened a ticket with Support, but I get the standard response to clear the cache, reinstall the App, etc., all of which has no effect.

Did ST change something in the Multi function??

I still have the garage door option, but I don’t utilize it.

Same thing has happened to my garage door sensors. Tried new batteries, reset hub, reinstalled app and still Open.

Also no longer getting notifications on iPhone of activities.

I get notifications when my garage door has been open for 10 minutes. Twice in the last few weeks I’ve gotten the notification after my wife left in the car and went out to close it only to find it was already closed. Several open/closes of the door in between the two and sense with no issues. I don’t think my issue is the same, but you never know. Both times, I tapped on the sensor and it went to the correct reading pretty much immediately. I didn’t catch whether that axis values changed when I tapped on it, but if it happens again, I’ll look for that.

Finally figured out what was causing the problem! ST Support was NO HELP whatsoever… useless…

I logged into the IDE and checked the devices. I edited the device type and clicked the drop down and noticed there was another device type labeled “SmartSense Garage Door Multi”. Selected this device type and the system immediately updated the status of the door to “Closed” The device had been generically listed as a “SmartSense Multi”…

Had to be something changed by ST with an update… I certainly did not change the device type of two (2) ST Multi sensors at 6:50am one day last week…

Mostly annoyed that after MANY email exchanges with support, they had NO CLUE what was causing the problem. Standard suggestion was “Clear the cache”, “Reinstall the App”, delete and reset the device, send logs, etc. Never anything close to a real solution… Frustrating…

Joe, The same issue happened to me. The fix you discovered also worked for me. Many thanks for figuring this out. I knew I would find a fix here much sooner than through any official support channels!

Can’t Explain why ST would change this, but at least it is fixed (for now??).


Thanks for the insight and solution. Not a super savvy Smart Things user. I don’t work with or have access to the IDE. Do you know of a “Smart Things for Dummies” way of getting to the device type you found that works.

ST has always been geared towards those who are somewhat tech savvy and feel comfortable “getting their hands a little dirty” either creating or finding SmartApps and Device Handlers that enable a user to get the most out of the devices and ST.

Although the ST App has made some tasks easier (e.g., Automations and Scenes), there are still many that require accessing the IDE and finding a solution (e.g., Zwave & Zigbee Utilities and changing device types).

Long answer to a short question: I don’t know of any easier way to change the device type unless you can get ST Support to assist (Ugh!).

If you have more than a few devices linked to ST, or plan on expanding your Smart Home with ST, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the IDE and learn its capabilities. It’s not as difficult as it first appears. Just very confusing (like the ST App!)

Thanks - will give it a try

Woo Hoo! Found the IDE, logged in and was able to edit as you suggested. Working perfectly now. Thanks so much!

I’ve had this problem for quite some time, I thought maybe my sensor was bad. I’ve gone through what you did and the darn thing isn’t getting right still. I’m debating going with a newer generation ST hub and rebuilding everything or just tossing it all in the can.