Strange Catchall events in Event Log

I have been trying to get Hue Dimmers Working reliably, After litterally cracking one open I have discovered some strange events in my log, that may or may not be related to these devices being told to go $%^& themselves and join an invalid network. It seems to crop up right around the time the devices drop off.

Anyone know that these mean? My limited research tells me that 8038 is a message detailing the RF environment near a remote device to the coordinator in order to change channels when there is interference that the coordinator cannot hear. ST does not dynamically change channels so this shouldn’t come into play.

If I simulate a noisy environment by placing the dimmer on top of a wifi AP and mashing buttons it seems to trigger this event and the dimmer drops off the network. (Seemingly because it received a Network Update message telling it the network Pan ID is now 0000000000000000)

This all leaves me wondering if ST is sending this message on purpose because it thinks the device is being bad. Or if ST just doesn’t understand what the dimmer is trying to do,

I’ve just come to believe the Hue dimmers are PsOS and a waste of time and money. I grabbed four of them for back-up local control ( when I had internet outage and came home at 3am and none of my lights worked ) and I can’t even get them to stay connected to Hue hub. The 2 Tapts I grabbed on the other hand haven’t failed yet.