Merry Christmas...with strange living room light behavior

Hello All! I’ve been having strange things happening with my living room lights (3 RGB hue bulbs) for the past 3 days or so…I think I have a hacker or a virus or something. The first time it happened, all 3 lights turned on at 7 am by themselves and were flashing a pattern over and over. On one second, off one second and then flashing on and off rapidly for 3 seconds and repeating. Today they wont turn off at all. Turn them off with smart things and they turn back on immediately, same thing with google home or in the hue app direct. The craziest part is what shows in the smartthings activity feed:

This is a random snippet before anyone is awake:
Turning on after being told to turn off:

Anyone seen anything like it? Suggestions?

Guessing this is not likely the issue here. Open up one of the Hue bulbs from Things in the ST app, then goto the SmartApps tab while in the device. Take a look at everything that bulb has been added to. Potentially you added something for a test and forgot. If there is nothing in ST, I would go over to the Hue app and see if you defined some sort of schedule for the bulbs over there. Then the 3rd thing, maybe you are using Alexa and set something up over there.

its none of those things. I’ve had my setup running for months and have changed nothing. In fact i’ve never played with setting or color for 3 months and this just started happening a few days ago.

Then change your ST password to rule out what security concerns you have.

Goto Dashboard / Press Hamburger (3 lines) / My account / Change Password

Are your hue bulbs connected directly to the ST hub or through a hue bridge?

I’ll try that and see what happens. It seems to only happen in the early morning (I dont have any sunrise scenes or anything like that)

18 bulbs to hue bridge, smarthings hub, 3 google homes and various sensors throughout. Seems like the lights are all thats affected right now and it only happens in the early morning. ( i dont have any scenes or scripts for sunrise ect or timers)

6:32am seems an awful lot like sunrise though.

Are you using WebCoRE at all? That behavior with the lights is only something that would be able to be accomplished using a rules engine like that.

Have you rebooted the ST Hub?

As for the Hue Bridge. I know you haven’t changed anything, but I would take a look at what those bulbs are attached to as far as SmartApps go and also look directly in the Hue app. It’s highly unlikely that you have been hijacked or have a virus.

No webcore. I downloaded it at one time but never used it or even made a log on. Rebooted both yesterday but again it happened this morning. The bulbs are attached to ifttt for a couple things like turn notification strip lights on when mail box is opened and use the harmony hub to turn on ac ect. But nothing like its doing now.

Login to IDE and goto Locations / Events scroll all the way down to 6:32am and you may see what executed. See screenshot of Routine I just executed.

Sorry, what is IDE?

edit: found it

Just says “device”

What kind of building do you live in?
How close is the nearest neighbor?
How old is your hue bridge?
And has anyone around you upgraded their WiFi?
Did you upgrade your Wi-Fi?
And finally, did your spouse clean and set the ST hub next to or on top of your router?

Single family home
neighbors within 50 feet
hue bridge is about 4 months old
no idea about others wifi
Have not upgraded my wifi
The hub is next to the router within a foot or so. Always has been. Is that not a good idea?

Ok, cool. Thanks for answering.

The bridge isn’t old enough to have a degraded radio.
I would definitely move the ST hub further from the router.

I would take a close look at your hue app. Did you download or create a scene in the hue app that has holiday lights as an option?

Also, in the ST Ide, click on locations, scroll down and click on smartapps, look for anything you may installed that deals with lights. You may have taken a look at an app that did not delete correctly.

i never messed with the hue app other than directly controlling them. All routines say click to install your first routine and “from other apps” is blank. Also looked at smart apps and the only things there are smartlighting and ifttt. I’ll see what happens in the morning and update. Thanks for the help so far :slight_smile:

Did you ever set up the Hue Labs Vacation mode? I did that once and it drove me nuts trying to figure out what was going on when I forgot what I did.