Tracking Down Event Difficulties


I’m trying to track down a very small issue effecting a few of my Hue bulbs through my SmartThings V2 hub.

Every morning around 6:05 to 6:06, I have 3 out of the 4 2nd floor ceiling bulbs turn on for no reason. I’ve struggled with the new SmartThings app with tracking down triggered events, but the new app makes this difficult since there doesn’t appear to be a way to look at which event was triggered at a certain time.

The setup is simple, a motion sensor is on the ceiling and 4 lights. All sensor activity throughout the day works perfectly. Nobody is roaming through the house at the 6:05 mark.

I’ve also logged into the Groove IDE site to see if there’s anything more revealing, have come up empty though.

Is there a way to track down what is triggering the lights to turn on?


Are these bulbs connected directly to the smartthings hub, or are you using a hue bridge?

Good question. They are connected through the Hue Bridge.

Oddly enough, I did notice Hue lights being duplicated in my Smartthings app. Wasn’t my doing, just showed up maybe a month or two ago.