Stranded actions on button press

I have a button that was configured to turn on and off a switch. Pretty simple :wink: However, this was all setup back with the classic app I think, and now the actions don’t show up in the new app. Is there some secret way to delete stranded / hidden actions? Is there anyway to even find them?

What’s the brand and model of the button and what DTH is it using?

A basic SmartThings Button (IM6001-BTP). I don’t have any device handlers currently:

I had the automation setup via the app, using the classic app. I went to go change the actions, and there are no actions for that button in the new app.

However, if I press the button, my office lights definitely go on and off :wink: I just can’t for the life of me see where that is coming from.

And some more information on the button if it helps:

Check to see if you have the Smart LIghting smartapp installed and if you have something there, otherwise, check your Automations list.

EDIT: I saw your last screenshot, but don’t see anything under “In use by”, which implies you don’t have Smart Lighting for this device. Check under Automations?

So the IDE page suggests you aren’t using a legacy app like Smart Lighting, and the device app page shows you aren’t using Quick Controls. However the most obvious place to look is under Automations and you haven’t mentioned what you have there.

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Thank you for the input. Correct, I’m not using any smart apps, automations or scenes for this.

I think you need to reprogram the action for pressed or held or whatever. It should overwrite it.

That is the thing, there is nothing I can do here. I can add an action and delete it, but this doesn’t affect anything. The button still turns on and off my office lights. It is really odd! I can’t find anywhere what triggering this to happen.

Have you attempted to simply delete and re-pair the device?

Yes, and I am going to do that if folks here also couldn’t tell what was actually happening here. It was only partially about fixing the problem, but also about understanding the cause. I really do want to know if there was just some ghosted setting and if there is a way to access old routines somewhere in the new system. I think I have a couple other things around here acting strangely, so I was hoping to investigate before just deleting and adding back in. I guess not though, I think you are right. No need to understand, I should just “fix” it and move on.

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There are sometimes ghost devices as well. The best course of action is to try and delete.

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Sounds reasonable. You could look at the ‘Live Logging’ while pressing the button but I doubt you’ll get any insight. More likely nothing at all these days.

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