Issue with Smartthings Button and Defining Actions

When I originally set up my Smartthings button, I could easily define what happens with a single, double and held press. Now, I got a new button and I don’t see those options. Had to define the new buttons using Automations instead of the button configuration. What am I missing? When I go into the button (in the new app), I only see history, battery level and temperature. Settings only lets me set the room and name the device. Same thing in the old app.

What am I missing? Like I said before, I saw it with my first button but now I don’t see it. Not even in Automations (for the first button). So if I wanted to, I can’t change the first one…


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That’s a lovely bug that came around recently :frowning:

Great. Samsung support is telling me to reset all of my buttons, remove them, uninstall the app and then reinstall the app and add the buttons again. Really?

Thanks for the response…

Is this the new app or the old app?

I use the old app and see actions in the smart lighting app where I do most of my automations.

new app. The new app has/had a really slick UI to config button actions from the device page. Smart Lighting still works.

I have been able to configure them using automations but there was a slick interface in the new app… Just used it a few weeks ago to configure my original button. Now, I cannot see the configuration for the original button (nor does it have any automations). Original button still works though…

Was this ever fixed??

No, buggy as hell in 2020