Unable to edit buttons

I recently noticed that I am unable to edit the actions associated with buttons. I can edit the button, select the button press (pressed, held, double click), and get the if/then dialog. I can even set actions, like turn a lamp on and off. However, there is no”if”clause shown, and as a result I’m unable to save the setting. (See screen shot.)

I know I can still create a separate automation, or use Smart Lighting, but I want to clear out the existing button actions.

I know this worked less than a month ago, so either I’m losing my marbles, or SmartThings is (and I know where I’m laying my money.) Any suggestions? I have restarted the hub (v3) and logged out/in with no effect.

This is a bug with the current iOS app

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And if you add automations like that your smartthings app will become slower to load. (Don’t know if it has been fixed now)

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To delete a quick control schedule, you have to go to automations and they appear at the end of the list. Select the one you want to delete and press delete

Thanks for the tip - hadn’t thought of that. Unfortunately, the button assignments in question don’t appear in the quick action section of automations.

I will probably delete and re-pair the device as a next step.

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In the quick controls of the buttons, the “if” part of the automation is the action of the selected button (pressed, pressed x 2 …). It only shows the “Then” part. Also in Android app, I always saw it like this.

Is true, it does not allow remove the “then” actions that were already scheduled. You have to delete the automation of the quick control in the list of automations, which appear in the Android app.
If it does not appear in IOS app, it is a problem :rage: