Smartthings Button options missing?

I noticed that my smarthings buttons no longer allow me to chose what the presses do using the new app.

Control panel shows it as a SmartSense Button but even there I can’t see where to chose what the button presses do.

Is that just me or what?

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Not just you. I believe it’s a bug with the new app release that came out this week.


Thanks. that’s good to know - somewhat - that it is not just me.

I guess the work around is using the button controller app in the classic app

Or smart lighting

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I’ve been having issues with my button for weeks. Everything was fine and then, without warning, my toggle power state commands stopped working (again). E-mailed support who said they couldn’t even see that I had automations programmed for the switch. I sent them a screen shot showing my programming. They then had me remove the switch and then put it back. But they still say they can’t see any programming on the switch.

Was this ever fixed?

It’s working again for me