Stop curtains from coming down if window is open

Hey guys

Been a ST user for a long time. Have about 100 devices. Am on the old app, don’t know much about the new app. I’m facing an issue: I dont want the curtain to automatically come down at sunset if the window is open – yesterday my curtain got ripped and damaged because of this… I have a sensor on the window; But I can’t seem to find an option such as “don’t do this automation if…”. I’m sure i’m not the only one facing such a scenario - much appreciated for your advice ! thanks!

Sounds like you’re kind of a Power User at 100 devices… you’re not using webCoRE? This would be so simple in webCoRE, and you’ll find tremendous power and abilities that you never knew existed. I might also suggest digging into the New app soon because it’s looking more & more like ST will kill the Classic app soon… you’re gonna be drowning with 100 non working devices if you don’t get onboard soon. Sorry I can’t directly answer your question.

In the ‘new’ app you could create a custom automation with two conditions (sunset and the window closed), and likewise in webCoRE.

How are you automating the curtain coming down at the moment?

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cant use use a contact sensor ? same as lightwave , window open heating in that room dosen’t come on ?