Please indulge me, I'm new. How do I get ST alerts for my window sensor?


I’m a newbie to Smartthings, but not to home automation (I’ve been a Wink user for years). So indulge me if I’m asking something too basic.

My first step into ST is a window sensor. Works nice and, additionally, it tells me the temp. So, what I’d like to do is have it alert me (text, email, etc) if the window is open after 9pm so that I remember to close the window. I can’t figure out how to do this in Smartthings.

Thanks in advance for your help.

There are several ways, this s the easiest.


Yup, smart Home Monitor custom rule.

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I’ve looked at the home monitor but I may be missing something. I see an option for monitoring “Sensor opens” and “Sensor closes” but neither of those actions are appropriate because at 9pm it’s either open or closed. What I really need are “Is sensor open” or “Is sensor closed”. I need the state of the sensor, not an action from the sensor.

There is another option available…webCoRE

You could also use a smart app called left it open. It doesn’t have a time values component though. So you would need the location mode to change to something at 9pm and then have left it open setup to only run in that mode.

Another option (simpler than WebCore) but does cost $8 is a rules app called OneTap. I find it easier and simpler to use than WebCore but it’s not as extensive and does have a few limitations. However, it can do what you want because I was able to create a tap using my window sensor.