Turn thermostat down when window is open? What devices would you recommend?

I would like to setup a thermostat that would decreased the heat when I open the window. So I’m looking for what you can recommend in this matter. What can be used to check when I open the window/door?

I use contact sensors on the windows. Ecobee thermostat and smartthings. If a door or window is open for more then 5 min the ecobee shuts off. Closed for more than 1 min then the Ecobee resumes schedule. Although there is a few ways to accomplish this. If you by chance have or are thinking of the ecobee the Ecobee suite Manager works pretty well in smartthings.

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Hi, there is the WindowOrDoorOpen smartapp at my github that can fulfill this use case.

However, instead of shutting down your ecobee (or Nest), I’d recommend setting it to away as turning off the tstat may be an issue in coldest parts of the USA/Canada in the winter (pipe bursting) or cause mold in the summer (due to excessive humidity). Don’t forget that ecobee/smartThings may be subject to outages from time to time…


P.S. The smartapp works with any thermostat connected to SmartThings, but I’d recommend using MyEcobee device as my ecobee implementation offers more features and has been migrated to the custom capabilities which make the device more functional under the new Samsung connect app.

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These apps support the ability to enable/disable thermostat schedules with a contact sensor. You can create custom schedules with these apps: