Notify Me When Door Has Been Left Open at Sunset?

Simple request: At sunset, I’d like to be alerted that a door has been left open. The " Open for X Minutes" app does not quite fulfill the bill.
People have suggested “Rule Machine,” but that no longer exists, I’m told.
Suggestions please.

WebCore now fills the gap left by the withdrawal of rule machine, and does even more. :sunglasses: See the following (this is a clickable link)

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What JD said. A simple piston in webCore:

define device sensors_open = Front Door and Kitchen Slider; end define; execute

if Routine executes Good Night! <— (or sunset occurs, in your case)
Any of a_sensor, b_sensor, or c_sensor’s contact is open save matching devices to {sensors_open}


Send PUSH notification “{sensors_open} open!” and store in Messages;

end if;

end execute;

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