Automations to control window coverings hours prior to sunset

I have automated window coverings in two homes with west facing windows and would like wooden slat blinds to begin to tilt in response to number of hours before sunset in order to keep sun from fading furniture and heating rooms. Current SmartThings app only allows for 60 minutes before or after sunset - I would need 6-7 HOURS- as soon as the sun comes over the east side to the west side of the home! I’ve spoken to SmartThings support and it’s not even in the planning stages. I would think MANY people with and changing to automated window treatments would find this VERY useful! Any thoughts or ideas that might be helpful to us?

Check out webCoRE…

And there is a user who created a piston for time of year and latitude of sun to manage this.

Go to the webcore forum and ask @wcmore for assistance. He enjoys helping users build pistons. :slight_smile: or at least, I believe it was he who wrote the piston.

But you can use webcore to create any rule you like


Thank you SO much. I will do that.


Here is the link to the beginning of that topic.