App to shut off heat/AC if window is open for longer then specified time?

Looking for App or WebCore integration to shut off AC/Heat if a window or door is open for longer then a specified time and then return the thermostat back to the same mode it was in when the opening closes.

What thermostat are you using? If Ecobee, try (free) Ecobee Suite smartapp.

if NEST is your thermostat

No nest, just Honeywell z-wave Thermostats…

I have my alarm system integrated into SmartThings and want to use the open/close sensors.

In the Classic app’s Marketplace there’s an app called “Thermostat Window Check” within the Energy Management section. It looks like it may be what you’re looking for, but it may not return the thermo back to its previous state. It would be easy enough to install and test! I’m not sure it even works, but give it a shot.

I use a WebCore piston. If you live in a Northern climate I would highly recommend that you only allow the system to adjust the set points lower(heat) and higher(cooling). It would be a bummer on a very cold day to come home to find your pipes frozen because someone left a window cracked or a sensor failed and the furnace got turned off. Mine sets to 55 and 95.


i ended up writing two web core pistons to do this. links to the code are in the post below.